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Automatically create backups of your files and directories
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Back up your important data and store them in cloud services and on external devices, CDs or DVDs, FTP servers, and internal hard drives. Clone entire disks and retrieve your files if necessary. Split large files and password-protect and archive your data.

Copying your data regularly to a different location is the only way of guaranteeing that they never get lost accidentally or otherwise. However, performing those backups on a regular basis may be a nuisance for some users. EASEUS Todo Backup Home offers you not only flexible and safe backup options, but the possibility of automating the entire process easily.

This high-end backup tool includes options not only to back up specific files and folders, but also entire disks, partitions, and even your operating system. This will allow you to migrate your system and all its data to a new computer with ease. The program can clone your Windows system, including the boot partition, so that you can start up your new computer with exactly the same configuration you had in the previous one.

When it comes to backing up files and folders, this new version of the program has added a very useful function – the option to leave out certain items that you don’t need or want to back up, thus saving you backup space. To save even more space, you can tell the program to compress your backup files, and even encrypt them for extra protection.

This Home edition of EASEUS Todo Backup has been designed with the home user in mind. Thus, you will find all the standard backup methods – full, incremental, and differential – to save your data in the most convenient way. Knowing that it is not always convenient for this type of users to perform regular backups of their data, the program includes Smart Backup, a tool to schedule your backups in the simplest and most efficient way. All you have to do is to tell the program when and with what frequency you want your data backed up, and it will perform its magic in the background while you work. Your data will remain safe and updated without you even knowing it.

EASEUS Todo Backup also has a Free edition with basic backup functionality and an Enterprise edition specially devised for your business. The Home edition reviewed here has an affordable price, and – best of all – is easy to use despite its comprehensive functionality.

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  • Provides options to automate all your backup processes
  • Creates bootable backups
  • Compresses files to save space
  • Encrypts data for backup protection
  • Exclude files to save backup space


  • Closing certain windows closes the entire program
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